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While Alternative Project Delivery (APD) methods include collaborative processes such as Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) and Design-Build (DB), research shows why not all APD is created equal.

Design-build delivers the best cost and schedule results.

The latest CII/Pankow project performance data shows collaboration delivers more successful projects and more collaboration provides better results. That’s why design-build exceeds both CMR and design-bid-build on all cost and performance measures.

A Closer Look

The early collaboration allowed in design-build maximizes team integration and innovation delivering better project results. Research by FMI found design-build’s benefits ranked consistently higher than all other delivery methods.

The Future of Design-Build and CMR

Given its higher performance data for cost and schedule, it’s no surprise that design-build is the fastest growing and most popular deliver method in the nation.

Market Share

FMI Market Research

Experience Rankings

FMI Market Research

The Future

67% of Owners predict an increase in the use of design-build for public projects nationwide. Saving time and money for agencies and bringing added value to taxpayers.

FMI Market Research

Not Alternative Anymore

While collaborative project delivery methods like design-build and CMR may be considered “alternative” here in Iowa, they’re now mainstream throughout the rest of the nation. Design-build has changed the way America builds. That’s why our diverse coalition supports legislation to provide ALL the project tools our state needs to deliver the cost-efficient infrastructure taxpayers demand.

See why a construction manager for the Iowa Army National Guard has urged lawmakers to oppose legislation banning design-build in favor of authority allowing agencies the option to choose among all collaborative delivery methods.

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