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The State of Iowa Rolls Back the Clock

Governor Kim Reynolds has signed legislation that prohibits the use of design-build in the state of Iowa public agencies. Iowa remains one of only two states not using the nation’s most successful delivery method. Despite many project successes in the state’s university system, the Iowa Board of Regents is also banned from using design-build in

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New Legislation Introduced in Iowa General Assembly

Iowans for Project Innovation support new project delivery legislation introduced in the 89th Assembly that would provide Iowa agencies the authority to use design-build for vertical infrastructure projects. This legislation gives Iowa agencies the ability to make the best choices possible to deliver cost and schedule efficient projects for taxpayers. This legislation is especially

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Iowa Legislative Session Suspended

Governor Reynolds signed a proclamation April 2nd extending her State Public Health Emergency Declaration. The proclamation extends school closures, closures of bars and restaurants with the exception of takeaway service, closures of nonessential retail and other businesses, bans on elective and nonessential surgeries and procedures, limits on gatherings up to ten people, to April

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Design-Build Bills (Good and Bad) On the Move

February 14, 2020 Iowans for Project Innovation

It’s been a busy few weeks for design-build proponents in Iowa. The good news? Our legislation to allow design-build authority is successfully working its way through committee. The bad news? Two other bills which would which ban design-build entirely and prevent the Board of Regents from continuing its successful design-build program are also proceeding.

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