Collaboration Fuels Innovation

There’s no such thing as a “risk free” construction project. However, the collaboration inherent in Alternative Project Delivery methods is delivering the most innovative, cost and time-efficient projects in virtually every state but ours.
We simply want APD methods like design-build and CMAR as options in Iowa’s project delivery tool kit.

Choosing the Best Option for Each Project

Alternative Project Delivery (APD) methods including design-build and construction manager at risk encourage early collaboration between the Owner and the entire team delivering more efficient projects. Research has shown the more collaboration, the better the results, with design-build outperforming both design-bid-build and construction manager at risk.


See how the delivery methods differ.

More Collaboration = Better Projects

Research over decades has consistently shown that alternative project delivery methods save time and money by encouraging collaboration and innovation. As projects become more complex and public dollars are stretched, APD delivers on-time, on-budget with fewer change orders and less litigation.

Catlett Residence Hall, University of Iowa. Courtesy of Tom Harris.

Maximizing Taxpayer Dollars

Alternative project delivery can save our state time and money on vital pubic projects. It’s already happening on university campuses where design-build's increased collaboration and innovation have delivered impressive results in Iowa.

Delivering Projects in Times of Crisis

Whether it’s devasting floods like those we suffered in the spring of 2019, tornadoes or even COVID-19, communities need timely, cost-effective and resilient recovery. Design-build delivers in times of crisis.

Iowa Floods

We Need the Best Tools for the Job

Meet the diverse and growing coalition of Iowans who support legislation to provide the project tools our state needs to deliver the cost-efficient infrastructure taxpayers demand.

$2.2 Trillion

APD total spending


APD Market Share

48 States

with Design-Build


Faster (Design-Build)

Design-Build in Iowa

University of Iowa’s Hawkeye Tennis & Rec Complex is state’s first public design-build project
Senate Bill 170 introduced to limit APD authority for Iowa Board of Regents. Passed the House, died in the Senate.
Senate Bill 436 to study project delivery methods introduced. Passed in committee, no floor vote.
House Bill 450 and Senate Bill 2390 introduced to eliminate APD authority for Iowa Board of Regents. Passed the House, died in the Senate.
A diverse group of Iowans organize in support of HSB 616 to expand the use of alternative project delivery (APD) to state and local governments. Stalled in the House.
HF 197 introduced to limit APD authority for Iowa Board of Regents. Died in committee.
HSB 616 to expand APD to state and local governments stalled in the House of Representatives.
HB 2301 introduced to eliminate APD authority for Iowa Board of Regents. Died in committee.
HSB 2 and SSB 1213 to expand APD to state and local governments are introduced. Passed out of committee.
Iowans for Project Innovation is created including a diverse group of organizations supporting state and local agencies’ ability to choose the best delivery method for each project.
Iowans for Project Innovation organizes
88th Iowa General Assembly begins
Expanded APD coalition supports new legislation in the 89th General Assembly session.

We support legislation that allows state agencies the option
to pick the best project delivery method for each project.

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